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ELBA Washer Features
For your woolen/delicate laundry needs. With this mode, your laundry will be washed with a very gentle wash action mimicking the traditional hand wash without damaging your clothes. Temperature has to be set complying with the tag of your clothes when using this function.
This function reduces the wash cycle of the relevant programs up to 50% while still maintaining high washing performance. Thanks to the integration of optimized washing steps, high mechanic activity, and optimum water consumption, made it possible to achieve!
The system will be activated automatically when the machine detects the load approximately half or less of the maximum laundry capacity. The machine will adjust the wash cycle, water level and energy according to certain programs, thus reducing unnecessary time and money wastage.
With time delay function, you can shove a load in before you go to bed, and have a nice and clean laundry in the morning ready to hang out before you leave for work or you can set in a way you can coincide your return with the cycle finishing ensuring your clean, damped laundry is not left festering in the drum for long period. This function can delay its operation from 1 hour, up to 23 hours depending on model.
This mode enables your machine to operate silently and uses lesser energy. During this mode, the “Spin" step will be neglected and the wash cycle ends with the “Rinse Hold” step. If you want to spin the laundry, you will have to manually run the "Spin" cycle.
This feature is especially useful to those who have sensitive skins (e.g. babies, allergic skins). This function adds another rinsing step on top of the main wash to reduce or get rid of any detergent remnants on the laundry.
The machine is built with the integration of advanced energy-saving technologies that eliminate energy waste without compromising its performance.
LCD provides better picture quality and supports larger resolutions. The display is very informative as it shows useful information like the current water temperature, the wringing rpm, wash cycle duration, door lock symbol, the selected auxiliary functions, the current wash cycle, and notify you of the completion of the washing program by revealing the expression of "END" on the display. The electronic display will warn you through fault symbols on the display when a fault occurs in your machine.