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✅ 4 Easy Laundry #EnergySavingTips with ELBA!
Looking for ways to reduce your utility bills? Check out these energy saving tips to help lower your bills.
1) Maximise each load capacity
Fill your washer with the highest load capacity allowed for each selected programme, but do not overload. Always refer to the programme table for the optimal load capacity to use. For example, accumulate your laundry and wash up at 9kg load in ELBA’s EWF 9141 IA.
2) Do not use detergent in excess of the recommended amount.
Using too much detergent may be counterproductive as you risk getting residue on laundry or odor left behind in the washing machine from trapped excess residue, resulting in the need to run an additional rinse to remove the excess.
3) Wash slightly soiled laundry at low temperatures  
This reduces the amount of energy used for clothes that are less dirty, without compromising on cleaning power.
On average, you save up to 57% when you choose a low temperature setting.
4) Select shorter programmes for small quantities of lightly soiled laundry.
Shorter programmes require less energy and thus improve washing efficiency for less demanding load.
Shop smart and save more with ELBA’s 9KG Washing Machine EWF 9141 IA !
Rated 4 Ticks (√ √ √ √) Water Efficiency as Certified by PUB.
Rated A+++ Energy Efficiency
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